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Inventory - Contemporary Art Edition





 At PPLG, we believe that these new initiatives are important creators of social good. For our new edition 2020 of  Inventory Art Book we look for worldwide artists, who work across a variety of media technique and unpublished projects.

Artists of all nationalities, ages, backgrounds, etc. All media are accepted. It is important that the inserted works have never been published in catalogs. Large-scale installation projects never realized are also welcome. Publication offers the reader the opportunity to learn about unpublished works created by the artist or large-scale projects that can be commissioned for. Furthermore, it offers performers the opportunity to be known and to find new clients. Visual works of art (painting, photography, etc.) can be purchased during the book promotion campaign, and this will be an added value for all collectors who like to have the purchased work published. PPLG does not take any commission on the sale of the works or on the contacts that the artists will have with their clients.

INVENTORY is a limited edition that collects unpublished works of international contemporary artists. It was designed to add value to all those works produced and never published or exhibited in art exhibitions.  An inventory that as the name implies, is a new way of conceiving art in its marvelous expressive forms, accompanied by captivating graphics, an elegant colophon, critical texts on the works, complete captions, biographies and much more. An example of how art and design travel on the same wave, with the choice of fine art paper for an excellent visual result. INVENTORY will be made in two languages: Italian and English. A general presentation by editor and by curator will open the doors to this wonderful edition divided into different sessions and mediums. Easy to read and to share.

An inventory created to be collected, given, disseminated, through the media and the public, during meetings, conferences, exhibitions and more. A catalog that documents the activities from worldwide artists, with a careful selection by the scientific committee. An inventory, which becomes an added value for collectors interested in new works, for galleries that want to know new artists, for artists who want to publish their unpublished projects.

Where it will be advertised:
• Social networks and websites;
• Press releases to journalists, magazines, curators, galleries, museums, collectors, art school;
• Free printed copies owner galleries and private foundations in Italy


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