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ARTJOBS, over the years, has established collaborations and partnerships with publications, galleries, talent agencies, auction houses, public and private institutions to continue to discover and promote the best talents from the arts & creative industries.

Artist Of The Month
A competition established to encourage the pursuit of excellence in visual arts.

To have your work seen by 600,000+ visitors around the world, including world-leading companies,  brands, publications, creative agencies, galleries, talent agencies, collectors, curators, writers, and more, we encourage submissions from artists to take this opportunities to submit your best works and connect with our online audiences from 200+ countries ! 

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Katie Mongoven
United States
My work examines relativity and relationships. I use the traditional craft medium of hand embroidery to create large-scale, iridescent, abstract pieces. Themes of shadow, loneliness, inadequacy, and doubt are juxtaposed with light, support, love, and faith while being framed within the context...
Manuel Zamudio
United States
What remains of aesthetics in a fading world?  When the veil of order crumbles and the weariness of decay sets in, the soul of a society thrives or dies based solely on the affirmations of its unique individuals upholding what identity there is left. Although despair can weigh heavily even o...
Parme Marin
New York (Manhattan)
Marin’s introspective work questions her upbringing, codes and growth, and imposed-views. she accepts flaws and acknowledges a freer path to womanhood and motherhood while, also, anthropologically analyzing the body through a timeline. among others, “dans ta peau”, in your skin, it's life marks and...
Marco Riha
Originally from Austria, Marco Riha has started his  long creative  journey  in Sri Lanka in the early nineties. The self-taught artist he kept on painting and travelling for some years until he found in Mexico his creative home base. The visual arts fascinate Riha, like the possibili...
Daniel J. Finaldi
United States
Highland Park
What should I paint or draw or sculpt?  That is the question every artist asks.  I have wrestled with that question for years.  My answer has always been to trust my instincts, my intuition and what visually attracts me.  In following that interior voice, I ha...
Christine Olmstead
United States
Christine’s works are conceptual, abstract and mixed media. Her work focuses on movement, mood, and through the use of color, metallic, and reflective elements she conveys energy and story. It is through a deeply meditative practice, combined with music that she exercises her synesthesia and paintin...
Sophia Emmerich
My art challenges social norms and their impact on the perception of beauty. It makes the viewer rethink their idea of gender and stereotypes associated with that. Through my work I want to open the discussion about what restrictions we put on people to look and identify a certain way. "Beauty" a...
Facundo Kostelak
It is interesting to think of art as a constant in life, not as an ephemeral and naked movement of coherence, but rather as a card to be played in everyday life and as an anchor to the impossible-possible, since I believe that logic plays a trick to those who daydream. I call a conclave the momen...



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