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Artist Of The Month
A competition established to encourage the pursuit of excellence in visual arts.

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Nathaly Orozco
United States
Santa Monica
My parents immigrated from Guatemala to the United States in search of that “American Dream” but never abandoning their roots, and so my work encompasses the beauty and history of Guatemala. I wanted to not only demonstrate the scenic landscapes but also capture the culture through colors and p...
Linda Chapman
Greater London
Photograph of a window showing reflections and refraction, taken as it happens without any filters or manipulation. Urban windows offer such fascinating frames, showing an image, a representation, its counterpart, giving back. Giving away so much but never telling the truth. What is inside? What is...
Lena Krashevka
A human with his feelings and emotions is in the center of the artist's works. The core of Krashevka's works is to capture and reflect the psycho-emotional state from the inside of a person onto the canvas. The artist to achieve both expressive psychological images, and a convincing saturation of t...
Ellen Gilbert
United Kingdom
Multidisciplinary artist exploring through photographic performance and a hybridisation of painterly materials and redundant hardware my internal feelings of being forced to navigate digitally in our habitat. I use my body to physically communicate my perceptions of the digital environment, creating...
Anna Kryukova
Travelling is my way to create. There are labyrinths of still unfamiliar streets, fragments of posters and phrases which are overheard so accidentally; graffiti, contrast of color, textures, buildings and walls, and a great quantity of languages with it’s own shapes of letters and characters... All...
Karla Marchesi
Desire Path, the latest exhibition by Karla Marchesi, reflects upon a dissonance between subjective hedonic desire and modalities of pleasure in contemporary social life. The exhibition strides this rocky terrain taking the ancient Greek goddess of mirth, Baubo, as a guide, tragicomically explo...
Sandra Madelane
After graduating from my fashion photography degree years ago I boxed my own camera away, in the meantime silently slipping into the world of e-commerce as my job. With the global pandemic making the world stop running, suddenly there was more free time than I could ever remember having, which helpe...
Anita Clipston
United States
New York
Wearing & Unraveling Trauma  There have always been threads, whether conscious or subconscious, that have woven through the fabric of my life. For me these threads have been Cocoons of Love and Cages of Trauma. The rooms in my paintings are imagined spaces that hold within them the tr...



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