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Best Picture - March



Stories change the world
BestPicture aims to promote photography, photo based art and the best visual story to audiences all over the world.  
The selected works will receive the title: "BestPicture of the Month" and the works will be promoted to our social media followers, newsletter subscribers and our audiences from 200+ countries, including leading publications, galleries and collectors.

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roberta ruocco
United States of America
new york
Life has a way of transforming us into something we no longer recognize. Photography has been fundamental in peeling back the layers of my life and reconnecting me with my subconsciousness. The intention of my work is to eliminate all that is superfluous and engage mindfulness. My images are m...
Michael Eure
United States of America
As quarantine went on I'm sure all of us felt an urge to find value in the simpler things in life, those things we would take for granted. I began to find value, both artistically and emotionally, in the simple life the my dog Jack lives every day. While every being has their trials and tribulations...
Iness Rychlik
United Kingdom
Viviana Dal Lago
Panic attack. Analogic photography. Double exposure. Kiev 88. Ilford HP5 400 This photographic series was made during a personal search for the expression of my discomfort. I was never able to put into words what I felt (still feel) with my panic attacks, but one evening, after developing the...
Morgan Markey
United Kingdom
The attached series, "ISOLA",  is a dreamy sequence of photographs depicting scenes of Filicudi, an island that sits outside of Sicily and is almost always deserted (only 235 people living on the island) besides the few visitors that come each Summer. Like many volcanic isla...
Ramzia Jawara
United Kingdom
'WHAT IS MINE?' Colonisation of Body, Mind and Culture.
Yilin Wong
United Kingdom
I'm originally from Hong Kong. Having lived in multiple countries from a young age, I have come across people from all walks of life. These experiences, both good and bad, have influenced her culturally and personally. My work revolves around travel, diasporas, and the human condition. I combine my...
江峰 Jiang Feng
New Taipei City
This series juxtaposes the torn and dirty USian flag with the naked bodies of all genders, races, sexuality, nationality, and cultural backgrounds to capture their vulnerability, emotions, and strength, critiquing the United States as the dreamland and shelter for all humans. The U.S. was alleg...