Evolution: Classical | Classical Music Summer 2020






Evolution: Classical is a three-week career development program for classically trained instrumentalists and vocalists. The residency's mentor group will be led by the Gryphon Trio and will include an inspiring group of internationally recognized performing artists, artists from other creative and performing arts disciplines, career advisors, arts managers, and presenters. 

Applicants will be required to conceive and submit a unique 45- to 60-minute minute musical program with their application. This musical program will serve as the focal point of the participant’s Evolution: Classical experience and must be ready for performance at the start of the program. Submitted programs must be original musical curations (like a live music set list) that can/will be performed by the applicant throughout the residency.

Programs should convey an artistic point of view, theme, and aesthetic arc. They should also include a creatively combined selection of some or all of the following: movements of longer works, short pieces, art song, popular song, arrangements, new creations, improvisations, and vocal recitations.

Applicants with an established genre focus – early music, core classical, contemporary, classical/jazz/improv/global hybrid – are encouraged to include selections that reflect their current areas of genre and stylistic preference and strength. Applicants are encouraged to take risks when combining these selections with music that offers emotional and intellectual contrast and continuity, and that stretches the applicant beyond their inherent or learned/adopted curatorial restrictions and barriers.

What does the program offer?

Evolution: Classical is intended to  supplement previous university and/or conservatory training with workshops, coaching, lessons, lectures, and public performances. The program will support, challenge, and empower participants through daily group discussions and interactions that will help to define artistic point of view and hone interpretive and communication skills. Presentations, consultations, and experiential learning opportunities will offer insights into the fundamental issues that underlie successful career development, programming, and marketing strategies.

In addition to offering public performance opportunities throughout the three-week residency, Evolution: Classical will also offer unique participant/mentor collaboration opportunities with artists from other disciplines that will result in the creation and performance of engaging and impactful concert experiences at the end of the session.  

During the first week of Evolution: Classical, participants will present segments of their curations and receive mentor/peer feedback in a group setting. Participants will receive feedback on interpretation and musicianship, technical proficiency, program curation, and stage presence. Lectures and workshops offered this week will help remove creativity barriers and explore the cultivation of an authentic artistic point of view.

In the second week, ensembles, collectives, and individuals will work with a professional mentor artist from another discipline to explore the opportunities and challenges tied to various forms of collaboration. Some of these collaborations may involve additional repertoire assigned by the Gryphon Trio or mentors. Week two and three will also offer mentor concerts and presentations, individual lessons, coaching, career mentoring sessions, and performance opportunities. 

Week three will focus on the continued development curations and collaborations, and will culminate with a three-day mini festival showcasing this work. 

Who should apply?

Evolution: Classical is ideally suited for classically trained emerging/early career instrumentalists (strings, piano, winds, brass, percussion) and vocalists who are interested in expanding their capacity to forge an inspiring and sustainable career in music and the arts.

Chamber ensembles and unique collectives (pre-existing or formed for participation in this residency) of any instrumental and/or vocal combination and size, collectives combining classical and non-classical instrumental and vocal traditions, and soloists are welcome to apply.

Applicants will be required to submit audio and video materials demonstrating a very high level of musicianship and technical proficiency, an artistic rationale supporting their proposed 45- to- 60-minute musical program, and will be required to express what outcomes they hope to take away from the Evolution: Classical experience.


Prizes Details: 

*Financial Aid up to 100% is available to cover tuition (meal plans and accommodations are not eligible).

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