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In the words of writer Arundhati Roy, pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine a new world. This one is no different. It is a portal, a gateway between one world and the next. In these uncertain times, we all have a cultural, artistic and social function in our world, the best we can do for art and society is to put ourselves at its service and not use it to to our own benefit but, through poetic and political imagination, find answers and generate other relationship systems that are part of the solution and not the problem.


The VI nodoCARACAS Video Festival is based on these ideas to propose its VI Video Festival, which this year will take place in Kristiansand (Norway) between November 13 and 22 in the spaces of 51K Arteriet and at the same time it will be broadcast live in other cities of the world.


nodoCCS is therefore presented as a collaborative project of two artists whose main focus is the Festival de Video nodoCCS: from which the programs, curatorships, meetings, exchanges, exhibitions and collaborations proposed by our founders are born in the place where they are located, in the cities where you are invited. To date nodoCCS has made its programming and its festival in Caracas (Venezuela), Lima (Peru), Bogotá (Colombia), Miami (USA), Berlin (Germany), Madrid (Spain), Karazin (Ukraine), Mexico City and Athens (Greece).


Since 2015 and until now there are several roles that nodoCCS has had, moving around places and countries, inhabiting spaces of an institutional and emerging nature, collaborating with people and artists to carry out: our Festival, meetings, screenings, exhibitions and conversations.

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1. A maximum of 1 video can be sent per artist or group of any subject and in any language, although it can be subtitled in Spanish and English. Maximum length 8 mins. 


The selected works will be part of the program of the VI nodoCCS Video Festival 2020 and will be projected in 51 K Arteriet - Kristiansand (Norway). 


When you agree to participate, you acknowledge that the videos are presented to a wider audience and agree to be part of the new spaces and initiatives that the nodoCCS develops to increase its visibility. They may be included in international programs and travel to different cities with which we collaborate.


2. The works will be selected by a jury of international specialists coordinated by nodoCCS.


3. The submission of the works implies that the artists authorize the projection of their works by the means that nodoCCS considers for their dissemination. The copyright on the work is the exclusive property of the artist who makes the work, which allows its exhibition and dissemination in case of being selected by nodoCCS. The projections will always be free.


4. PRESELECTION: The videos must be online, both in open and private version with access via password.


5. SELECTION: The selected artists will be contacted by email in October 2020 and will be asked to send the file digitally in maximum quality format, MOV HD or MP4 HD.


6. COST: The participation will have an open price that we will take as a donation (starting at 5$) to be able to carry out the management tasks, support the invited artists and collaborate with the installation costs of the festival. 


7. The sending of the material implies the acceptance of these bases and all the aspects not contemplated in this regulation will be resolved by nodoCCS.


8. THE WINNER will be announced on the first day of the festival and will have a remuneration of $100.


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