Emotions & Colors - Self Exploration Art Exhibition




Emotions are the driving force of every individual's existence, and when we possess emotions, we exhibit vitality. When emotions no longer exist, life loses its inner vitality. From passionate crime to Dep's depression, and then to apathy of schizophrenia. We can glimpse how emotions are changing within each person's body, and many people are unaware of their emotions and ultimately go astray.

And color is a rendering of externalized emotional power. Once our emotions are given color, we can more intuitively perceive their emotions from the colors.

Therefore,International Art Education & Therapy Development Academic Association and Culture Sower jointly invites global artists to explore emotions and explore themselves through color, allowing us to truly understand ourselves and heal ourselves, thereby triggering more people to explore and understand their emotions, step out of the emotional quagmire, stimulate the best emotional energy of each life, and shape a better self.

1、 Solicitation requirements

This exhibition will be divided into online and offline exhibitions, with open recruitment for artists worldwide. Let us explore ourselves through art and understand the mystery of the relationship between our emotions and colors. We welcome artists, art therapists, and art enthusiasts to share and contribute.

A. Solicitors

This solicitation is open to global artists, art lovers, multiple art expression healers (poetry, recitation, drama, painting, etc.), regardless of nationality. Those with art self-healing experience are especially welcome to share and contribute.

B. Solicitation theme

The artistic expression with emotions and colors as the theme can be expressed in various forms such as literature, painting, dance, music, drama, etc.

C. Contents of solicitation

The submitted works are compressed and packaged in a folder and sent to the mailbox. The compressed package is named after the author's name+exhibition name. The use of pdf is prohibited. The folder must contain the following contents:

a. Music works must provide: audio (wav format or Mp3 format), named according to the work information (author's name, work name), such as: Feizi Plateau

b. Video works must provide: videos of the works (mp4 format), named after the work information (author's name, work name, creation time), such as: Feizi, plateau;

c. Fine arts works must provide: pictures of works (2M) Please send 5 works named after the information of the works (author's name, work name, material, size, and creation time), such as: non sub plateau canvas oil painting 60 × 80cm 2002 ( please contribute the side of works under 60x80cm ); d.Installation works must provide: Picture of the work (2M). Please submit 5 works named after the work information (author's name, work name, material, size, creation year), such as: non sub "Plateau" installation 30 × forty × 50cm 2002; e.Sculpture works must be provided with: artwork images (2M). Please submit 5 works named after the work information (author's name, work name, material, size, creation year), such as: non sub "Plateau" copper carving 30 × forty × 50cm 2002; f. Written works must be provided with: word document, and named with work title+work information (author's name, creation year).

g. Performance art must provide: videos of the works (mp4 format), named after the work information (author's name, work name, creation time), such as: Feizi, plateau;

2. Author's resume, including name, gender and contact information (mobile phone number, WeChat, email number).

3. Work introduction/work description concept/art review.

4. A profile of author( The size of photo is the horizontal board at 16:9).

The documents are compressed and sent to the mailbox according to the submission requirements: IAETDAA@163.com


D. Fee of Exhibition 

Online exhibition: 55$/3 works

Offline exhibition: 206$ per piece (free participation in Global online exhibitions, limited offline exhibition space, first come, first served)


"Emotions & Colors" Self Exploration Art Exhibition is a public welfare project that does not require any payment for submission. You are welcome to participate. The works that are nominated for this online exhibition will be displayed at the "Emotions & Colors" Self Exploration Art Exhibition globally or at the Beijing Time Life Art Museum. The online exhibition will select gold, silver, bronze, and special contribution awards from the shortlist. After comprehensive evaluation by the organizing committee, all winners will have the opportunity to be included in the excellent artist talent pool of International Art Education & Therapy Development Academic Association, and receive a global opportunity to recommend artists and art therapists. The winners will have the opportunity to receive special personal interviews, charity auctions, and promotion opportunities from major international media promoted by IAETDAA. Excellent works can also participate in various large-scale domestic and foreign projects promoted by , such as the annual academic forum of IAETDAA, the City Light series of art and cultural projects, and various community public welfare projects, empowering various industries in society.

The works exhibited offline must be reviewed by the organizing committee before entry. The exhibition fees you pay are for exhibition venue, exhibition installation and removal, exhibition opening reception, global promotion of the exhibition, art salon, certificate production and other service fees. We will invite outstanding artists and art therapists to participate as keynote speakers in the workshop of IAETDAA.

4、 Submission time

Online Exhibition Deadline: 15th Sep 2023 ffline Exhibition Deadline:  First exhibition : 30th August Second Exhibition: 15th Sep


D. Attention to exhibitors

All contributors guarantee that the works submitted are original and plagiarism is strictly prohibited. In case of copyright dispute, the organizer will bear no responsibility.


E. IAETDAA and Culture Sower reserves the right to interpret this event.

Prizes Details: 

The online exhibition will select gold, silver, bronze, and special contribution awards from the shortlist.

Timepiece lifestyle Art Gallery

Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
55$ , 206$
Contact & Links: 
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