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Artist of the month
August 2019

Artists : Andy Van Dinh, Nichole Hickey, Andrew Halliday, Julia Jo, Deborah Eve Alastra


An extensive growing portfolio of paintings includes landscape/garden, urban scenes, figure and stills reacting to the beauty visualized in often mundane subject matter.
United States
Palm Beach
Working in multiple media, this current series is inspired by a street art exhibition she created recently indoors. Using only spray paint (Kobra, Montana, Montana 45, etc.), Nichole creates the mulit-layered portraits that makes the viewer wonder what really lies beneath.
United States
Brookyln NY
I am a by-product of the wave of contemporary  diasporas, and although I did not experience exile firsthand, I still am defined by the effects of location and relocation, adaptation and resettlement. I have inherited the traumas of war, colonialism, and natural disasters through a collective me...
United States
I paint paintings that oscillate between the figurative and abstract. I am interested in capturing fleeting moments in life that often escape words. I chase after the intimacy, emotion, sensations that are so powerfully felt by the skin but often lost in translation and communication. I chase after...
United Kingdom
My artwork gains it's inspiration from architecture and the urban, the cityscapes in which we live and are surrounded by. I am continually driven by the energy of colour and it's effects on a scene. Recent technology,  particularly the digital cameras found on smartphones,  have enabl...



Artist of the month
July 2019

Artists : Shannon "Shan" Fannin, Nici Preston, Emily Victoria Marie Bland, Abbey Golden, Anne Cécile Surga


United States
Los Angeles
To call my parents likable is an understatement. They’ve been a fun-loving, lighthearted, attached-at-the-hip couple my entire life. They’ve always had nearly militant physical and social routines, drafted out in notes and calendars around the house. Our Jewish heritage was prevalent by way of pl...
United States
Vehicles are more than appliances to get us from Point A to B - they are mobile sculptures that reflect our personality. My paintings capture some of that personality with the vehicles from our past, or those we dream of one day driving. The greatest compliment I receive is when my viewer not only a...
I am searching the spectrum of the personal and the emotional, and how our contemporary consumerist society affects the way we live, feel and develop the notion of the selves. I am interested in how human continue to be true to their core in this environment despite the daily violence it obliges...
Concept of work:  Nici is interested in working in a lot of different mediums and with different subject matter.  She is interested in reaching out to the viewer in a positive way and trying to connect with them to find common ground and to put forward ideas and philosophies and share the...
The focus of her work is the comprehension of abstraction. Inspired by gradients, structures and contradictions she discovers in her surroundings, she seeks to balance discordance whilst forming dialogues between objects. Bland’s works combine her distinct style of contemporary abstract painting wit...


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