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Michael K. Paxton


Professional Fine Artist

I am a sixth generation West Virginian and Chicago based artist with awards that include a grant from the Adolph & Esther Gottlieb Foundation, Inc., New York; Illinois Arts Council Fellowship in...
Jordan Shelton

Los Angeles


Jordan Shelton 279 Riverview Way Oceanside, California, 92057-5831 Dear Hiring Manager: I’m writing to express my interest in position. I am a graduate...
Seounghwan Lee


Surrealism Artist

I tell you about the lack of desire. From the desire for survival to the desire for being oppressed to live "humanly" We live in a desire for want or not. As long as we are human, we can not know...
Chelsea Garcia

New York City

Freelance Artist

I was born and raised in New York City. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Central Connecticut State University. Art is my life style and who I am as an individual. I experiment with all...
Asia Dzhibirova



Asia Dzhibirova born in 1980, the third child in a family of workers.Secretly studied art and fashion design because parents did not agree. He interrupted his studies under the pressure of their...
Hector LLanquin


Digital Artist & Web developer

i am an artist and web developer with a strong background in fine arts and computer imaging. I have experience working in different contexts such as artist studios and digital agencies with clients...