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Katya Kan


Gallery Assistant

An idiosyncratic specimen of globalisation, I was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan, my father being North Korean and my mother being Russian. Having caught a glimpse of the ex-USSR, I have a nostalgic,...
Zachary Woods

Brooklyn NY

Head of Partnerships

Zachary seeks to curate simple yet profound moments enhanced by artistic vision and expertise in digital media, Through intentional experiential practices, it’s possible to afford people the...
Mer Marin



Multimedia, 3D...
Eugenia Alexander

Saint Louis


I create and interpret stories through geometric patterns and shapes made up from my wild and curious imagination, inspiration, or real life situations and phases that every day people go through. “...


Master in photography

David J. Klinkert likes to position his photography in a zone of ambiguity, to try to express ‘indifferentiation’ of sex, genus, the natural kingdom, natural order, and to create new becoming in...
Gregory Miller

New York City

Urban Design

I am an Urban Designer looking to further my skillset and knowledge for art, and the critical role art plays in our daily lives. I am interested in how we express ourselves, especially artistic...