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Marcus Craig



Irish artist based in the west of Ireland.
Elena Jacinta Durey



Hello! I am a recent graduate from Falmouth University with a keen interest in book cover design, packaging and general design. I am seeking internships and junior level work in a variety of...
Annamari Mikkola

New Canaan

Art Director

15+ years of experience in advertising, publishing and financial services. Very skilled designer in both 2D and 3D environments.Experienced in managing and mentoring production teams from project...
Stellar Mundane

Los Angeles

Stellar Mundane

Stellar Mundane is an artist based in the U.S that focuses on music production, mix engineering, illustration, painting. Studied audio engineering at a university technology program in a state of the...
Don Oehl

New York City


Don Oehl’s fascination with fine art began early in life. He grew up in Chicago, and studied dance at the Chicago Academy for the Performing Arts. Drawn to visual art, he went on to study drawing and...


Digital artist

My name is Veta, i am Russian girl who live in Taiwan. I keep drawing since I was 3 y o, for now it’s not only hobby of mine, also it’s my part time job. Apart from art I do dancing job for adults...