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Don Oehl

New York City


Don Oehl’s fascination with fine art began early in life. He grew up in Chicago, and studied dance at the Chicago Academy for the Performing Arts. Drawn to visual art, he went on to study drawing and...
Jim Atherton

Las Vegas


Illustrator: I've been illustrating and adapting my illustration abilities since before Photoshop had layers! I've been involved in higher education publishing as an art expert since 1996. Disney...
chetan bhakuni

county clare

digital artist

Chetan Bhakuni is a painter who was born in India, New Delhi. After doing his under graduation in BFA Applied arts (Graphic Designing), he joined Burren College of Art for his Masters in Studio Art...
Daniel Ido



An illustrator based in London, UK. A bit of a jar collecter, stalker-ish photographer, fervent doodler - my name is Daniel Ido. My illustrations combine asian influences, with pop surrealism....
Sanja Matkovic



Digital Artist


Visual Artist

I am a graduate of the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca. I studied painting and drawing, but after experimenting with 3D editing and animation softwares I created some digital collages....