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Web Developer

I create commercial and artistic content, online and in real, creatively and efficiently using new technologies.
Dominik Wdowski


Master of Fine Art

I am a sculptor. I deal with figurative sculpture - according to me it is a topic still not exhausted, full of inspiration. I would like my sculptures to evoke emotions and reflections, to delight...
christy mccormick



Christy Mccormick is an artist who skilfully weaves her way through a web of creative medium, masterfully employing each with a playful tenacity and discernible style. Armed with talent, learned...
Ruby Beeton


Fine Artist

Graduate of the highly acclaimed Glasgow School of Art, which produced five Turner Prize winners over the last 10 years, four of which have been graduates of the GSA’s celebrated Master of Fine...
Grace Dilger

Brooklyn NY


25 Poet lives in Brooklyn NY. Currently studying for my Masters at Stony Brook University.
Anna Dee

Elk Grove Village

Sr. Operation/Purchasing

I am a bohemian artist from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. I have two small children and been married for 7 years. If it wasn't for Art I'm sure I would have had a nervous breakdown long ago. I am...
Maya Fell

New York City

Aspiring Curator

Maya Fell is a recent BFA graduate of Art History and Photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Within her practice, she combines research from an art historical background to accompany...
Jonatan Fernström



With over 15 yrs of experienced in the commercial business, I´m a trustworthy supplier of high quality photography and film. My focus is light and people and I travel around the world for Swedish and...