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Marika Rosenius


wood artist

Nature - its complexity, its chaotic order and its beauty highly inspires me and deeply touches me. The endless forests of my native Finland and my studies in cabinetmaking in London has generated an...


Set designer/art department/illustrator

I am a freelance designer and my experience lies within various art department roles across the film, theatre and TV industries. Since graduating in 2009 I have worked on feature and short films as...
Todd Williamson

West Hollywood


I am a full time artist seeking part time work. I have worked as an artist for the past 15 years. Prior to this, I owned a small custom furniture design company called Magni Classic. Before this,...
Julie Grahame

New York

curator editor consultant

Versatile photography professional with 25 years’ experience. Practiced in editing, curating, licensing, selling, writing, and using social media to promote photography, looking to use skills in...
Gracia Tobing


Video/Film Director & Editor

Since it had been so rare to hear or even own my own voice since kid I tend to tell stories in many forms rather than speak about it out loud. Visual might be my medium and metaphors made me...
Simon Gray


Art coordinator

I am an Art Coordinator looking to further my skills and career by working abroad, particularly in Greece. I am an intelligent, articulate individual with the ability to develop and build...